”If one regrets one’s actions, one should find a way to make restitution.”

↳Aya (GLTAS)

Who is she? We first meet Aya as the artificial intelligence of the interceptor, the fastest starship in the galaxy created by the guardians. Aya is awakened by Hal, Kilowog when they take the ship to Frontier Space and takes the name “Aya”- from Hal’s mispronunciation of “A.I”.  Aya joins Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Razer on their journey to defeat the Red Lanterns. Her character grows from the influence of the Interceptor crew and develops feelings for her Red Lantern crew member- Razer. 

Aya is stubborn,loyal,naive and a necessary member of the interceptor crew. She desires to become a Green Lantern and is willing to protect all life even if it means sacrificing her own.

What does she do? Since she is made out of green energy, she has the abilities of a Green Lantern despite not having a Green Lantern ring.She also has computer intelligence and robotic capabilities that allows her transfer herself  into other machines.And can manipulate and absorb energy which can her enhance her powers. 

Being made out of Green energy she is more susceptible to red energy and yellow ore.

Appears in:

Aya is part the main cast of characters in Green Lantern: the Animated Series. Throughout the series you can see her accomplish a number of feats, grow and become more self aware.  

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