Razaya Week Starts the Second Week of August

(august 12th at 12:00am - August 19th) 


  • Anything can be submitted for Razaya week (art, fanfics, gifs, amvs,etc.) if you can post it on tumblr - its fine.
  • Please Tag it under Razaya week (!!!!) for people who can use tumblr and arent sapphire shippers. they can tumblr savior 
  • Late submissions are okay 
  • You can have other characters but its main focus should be the Razaya pairing

I know should have themes for each day but I don’t want to limit anyone for the first Razaya Week, so take them more as suggestions. so right now thethemes are: GenderBender, Alien Prom,Green lantern Aya/ blue Lantern Razer and the Beach Episode. but nothing is official.

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good luck

And show your support! 

first time I ever did this guys XD